Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools ...CNY style

April Fool's Day brought over night accumulation added up to 9 plus inches. 
April 2nd is a repeat and the April Fool's prank will not end, another 5 inches overnight is certain to "delight" us in the morn..
The view out my kitchen window.  Snowing.
Bogart, the Bernese Mountain Dog would like to put a complaint in regarding spring's ETA.


  1. THIS IS NOT FUNNY, I WANT SUNSHINE WHICH IS IN FLORIDA.....REGARDLESS OF THOSE WHO THINK I'm a Mountain dog...let me in I am packing my bones!

  2. Hey Kat- Bogart is on the way to visit his cousin Bentley in the land of sunshine, soon we hope!

  3. Yikes, snow in April! I think I'll stay in Texas...high 70's here.

  4. Ahhhh....Mr. Bentley will soon have a new dog brother to love and torment!

  5. Cecillia I dream of sunshine warmed hands and toes these days : )