Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Solar Garden Luminaries

I love all the DIY Garden Luminaries that light porches, decks, walkways and gardens around my neighborhood.  I was inspired with all the sparkles of light on my evening walk earlier and decided to try a few recycled project DIY Solar Garden Luminaries of my own.
Start with a clean jar (spaghetti sauce in this example) and some glass gems from the dollar store.  You will need some of your favorite multi-use glue that dries clear and is weather proof.  I had some Halloween solar garden stakes from last year to use for my solar panel.  
Glue gems to jar.
Remove the top portion of the solar garden stake, we will use the top portion with solar and light only.
The solar panel must be clear to absorb the sun.  Add cute shade.
Very cute for the outdoor table and patio : )


  1. AWE those are so sweet! What a cute idea you had! How do they look when it gets dark? I bet so pretty huh?!

  2. They look sweet Dawn! Super easy to make.