Wednesday, April 25, 2012

B'Ayre Freshener

Soaps & Candles and B'Ayres...Oh My!

 B'Ayre Fresheners

Waxed Teddy Bears make great gifts! Mother's Day or college dorms and nursing homes are a perfect setting for flameless scented bears.  Just set these loveable critters on a non-staining surface in your home, and enjoy the fragrance in the air when you walk by them!
The "Bear" Necessities:
Stuffed Teddy Bear or other animal
1 lb.Soy Wax flakes
1.5 oz fragrance oil
Ceramic bowl large enough to melt wax in microwave
Thick Rubber Gloves w/ Lining
Drying Rack
Large Tooth Comb
Melt wax in the Microwave to about 170 - 190 degrees. Add your fragrance, and stir.
Now, give your bear a bath in the hot wax (use tongs to dip and roll him in the wax), pull him out and squeeze out a bit of the excess wax. You'll want to wear thick, lined rubber gloves to protect your hands when you do this, as the wax is very hot!
Now it's time to comb and fluff with a comb!  Pose your bear and name.
Better quality bears will hold up better to hot wax... some cheaper glued bears can fall apart, so keep this in mind when bear shopping, and when melting your wax!
Try to get a good quality bear, stuffing should be quality fiberfill not those "little popcorn balls" as they explode in hot wax.  I buy dipping bears for the most part, but have learned what bear fillings and fur simply does not work and only creates a horrible mess.
White bears can discolor with some fragrance oils!
Pre warn customers that the bears will naturally lose scent over time, and that since they sit at room temperature, naturally they cannot "throw" scent as well as a potpourri burner or similar. They will need to refresh their bear every few weeks or so with their blow dryer!
Bear Care:
Do not set waxed bears on wood surfaces as the oils in the wax can stain the wood!
These are not toys, keep out of the reach of children!
These are not candles and are not meant to be burned!
To refresh your bear, simply use a blow dryer to heat him for approx. 1 minute.
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