Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Soy Wood Wick Candles

It's a winter roaring fireplace or the summer open campfire sound effects that are packed into the convenience of this Soy Wood Wick Candle.  The Soy Wood Wick Candle has the subtle sounds of snap, crackle, hiss and the aroma of a well scented soy wax candle combined to make this candle irresistible.  It rivals a log fire as one of my all season favorites.
All the candles I make are made with soy wax because it is user friendly.  It's me being earth friendly green.  No soot to speak of when burned and super easy clean up with warm water and dish soap.  I love soy wax : )
To make a soy wax wood wick candle of your own gather the following:
 containers (I used a mason jar in photo)
*wax primed wood wicks (search candle wax suppliers for wood wicks)
*wax primed wood wick is a wood wick that has been dipped into you hot wax to coat and has been cooled. 
soy wax chips ( I used 6 ounces)
color dye chips ( soy wax produces muted tones not jewel tones)
fragrance oils
hot glue gun
  • Clean your candle container. 
  • Heat the container on a tray in the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Pouring hot wax into a cold glass container may crack the container. 
  • Heat your soy wax chips in the microwave to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • While your soy wax chips heat, use a glue gun to adhere your wood wick to bottom of container.
  • Add wax color chips to the melted soy wax and stir in well. 
  •  Allow soy wax to cool to 110 degrees or lower before adding fragrance oil of your choice.  I used apple and balsam.  Too hot of  soy wax may evaporate your fragrance oil.  Stir fragrance into melted soy wax to evenly distribute.
  • Slowly pour the soy wax into the container.
  • Allow to cool and cure for 48 hours before using. 
Remember to keep wick trimmed to 1/8".    Burn only on a stable heat resistant surface. Keep from drafts. Do not burn candle when wax is less than 1/2 inch from bottom. Do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time. Do not touch or move candle while burning, or if wax is hot. Never leave candle burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Getting a Soy Wood Wick to light can take patience the first couple of times.  It is not unusual for it to take 3-4 attempts to light.

My Soy Wood Wick Candle looks inviting with it's slightly larger flame, smells soothing and the subtle snaps and crackles are what it is all about with a wood wick!


  1. Lovely candle--I can almost smell it! I've never used wooden wicks--I may just try it! Thank you for the inspiration :-)

  2. Thank you for the how-to. I try to be earth friendly in my daily living, so I love the idea of the wood wicks.