Thursday, June 6, 2013

Out Darn Spot

Geez, I hate laundry disasters. Without naming names, a load of new shirts was put into the washer and the dryer without checking pockets. The ink pen damage was discovered while folding this load of clothing. Out Darn Spot research commenced. Okay, make that larger than a "spot",see evidence photos.
 Enter miracle. 
 I purchased the stronger rubbing alcohol version of 91%.  Dab a cotton ball with alcohol undiluted directly on clothing item and dab ink up with paper towel. Repeat procedure as necessary. Put another paper towel behind stain to prevent bleed through of ink.
Yipee-I-Yahoo!!  Out Darn Spot success : )
 Launder as usual.
*For my experiment this worked without harming color or the clothing item.  Proceed at your own risk : )  *see disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.  I don't want to be held responsible for ruining Grandma's vintage apron or Auntie Em's favorite blouse : )  Got that Aunt Em?

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