Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mango...seed to garden

A Mango will make my taste buds smile every time.  Mango smoothies in the am, mango slices for a snack, mango chutney on get the idea, I am a fan.

I thought I would try one more time, I have many failed attempts under my belt, to take the mango seed and grow a tree.  Mango...seed to garden.

After devouring my mango fruit I cleaned the seed and set it to dry on the window edge.  two days later it was dry and I could "crack" it open and harvest the seed inside the husk.

The next step was simple, I wrapped the seed pod in wet paper towels and put in a sealed zip lock bag.  The seed pod went into a dark cabinet and I checked to make sure the paper towel stayed damp and waited patiently for signs of growth.  One week later I was surprised I had started a mango!

Unwrap the mango seed(s) gently and put into pot with soft soil, water, and more waiting... 

Eight days later I have Mango...seed to garden!

Another week of warm sunshine in the sun room and one of the Mango seedling trees are ready for garden.  The other mango seedling has a few more days before I can do so.

hmmm.... wonder how quickly they will grow and produce fruit....

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