Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Sunshine Frozen in Time

Imagine this if you will...winds howling, snow drifting across the driveway (again), frozen fingers and toes being warmed at a roaring fireplace, dreams of summer days yet to be...
In the midst of winter I have Summer Sunshine Frozen in Time in my freezer  in the form of corn on the cob and corn.  Probably the quickest end of summer harvest freezing and canning I do.  Trust me, nothing in the grocery freezer will taste as good as your own corn on the cob from your freezer in the middle of those long cold days on your dinner menu. 
As promised on this post Farm to Market to Table USDA National Farmers Market Directory, this is the first of what I did with the Farmers Market bounty.  A crate of corn on the cob for $3.
Shuck and clean your fresh corn.  In large stockpot boil water.  Put ears of corn in  pot.  When water boils again, blanch the corn for 4 minutes in boiling water.
Plunge hot corn into ice bath to stop cooking. Drain cobs of corn, pat dry before wrapping in plastic wrap each cob individually and then but ears of corn in to zip lock backs.  Freeze.

With sharp knife slice corn kernels from cob.  *I usually use a Bundt pan or Angel Food cake pan to hold the corn cob. To remove corn kernels from the cob after blanching, put the pointed end of the ear into the hole in the middle of a Bundt pan and cut. The kernels will fall into the pan..  Put corn portion into zip lock and freeze.
 Summer Sunshine Frozen in Time to be consumed on a chilly winter night.

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