Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ice Candles

"Ice, Ice Baby!"  We experienced an ice storm to end all ice storms in New York.  We topped that with snow and blizzards.  Then came the January Thaw for the cherry on top, ice jams and all the havoc they bring with their arrival.  Which brings me to this post...Ice Candles!
Start with empty and clean milk or juice cartons.
Poke a hole in bottom of carton.  Punch through with wood skewer if needed.

Thread a candle wick through a secure on bottom of carton.  Center wick and hold in place with pencil.
I use 100% soy flake wax.  I love the easy soap and water clean up, no soot and I can melt flakes in my microwave.  Cool down to about 110 degrees before adding essential scent oils.
Fill your cartons with ice.  I crushed mine and broke up the bigger cubes.  Pour hot wax into each carton.  Allow to set up 24 hours.  Keep cartons in a water catching pan or sink undisturbed.  After 24 hours remove carton and drain water from ice candle.
The ice candle will drain water for a few hours. I kept this one in a saucer to keep water drainage from damaging surfaces.
Ice candles have their own unique charm.  Like snowflakes, no two are alike.