Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Sunshine in a Jar

Tonight's adventure will bring a bit of summer sunshine in a jar on frigid winter nights. In the months to come, those yummy filled jars waiting in the pantry will make simmering pots of chili and spaghetti sauce to warm us to the toes.

At least that's the plan...with the help of the good people at Ball and their Home Canning Discovery Kit, some canning jars and a trip to the Farmer's Market, as well as,
a bushel or two from our own garden for tomatoes.
Most of us have our favorite method of preserving tomatoes.  I use the hot process canning method the same as my Mother and Grandmother.  If you haven't canned or need a great site, try this
 Ball Canning for Crushed Tomatoes link for directions.
My tip:  I slice the bottoms of the tomatoes
 prior to putting in hot water bath,
it helps make the skins slide off easily when you peel them.

*Shout out to Mom up in heaven now...I thought of you today and all the generations of family that filled their kitchens with the aroma of tomatoes. We are never truly alone in the kitchen when we cook or prepare food for our family. Each generation is with us as we embark on the time honored fall harvest canning.
Warning: Memories may flood your thoughts of family working side by side in the family kitchen, laughing as they can Summer Sunshine in a Jar.

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